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Family Testimonials

Image by kazuend

“They do a lot of active outdoor learning. They encourage children to do well in subjects that the children are good at. They challenge the children when they have a strong point e.g. If the child is good at maths they will challenge the children with harder sums rather than the basic sums.”

Image by Drew Beamer

“Happy and good learning environment, great leadership team, approachable and friendly teachers”

Image by Diego PH

“Friendly and warm and caring environment.”

Image by Shane Rounce

“Community links and ties, experiences for the children.”

Image by Hybrid

“Its staff and the openness and willing to share ideas both ways. It’s very refreshing. It’s a caring environment. Plus people listen.”

Image by Olga Kozachenko

“The staff. Every member of staff I have had dealing with are great. Always ready to listen to any concern. My children are so happy and comfortable at Pembroke. It really brings out the best in them.”

Image by Daniel Öberg

“Supportive to both children and parents.”

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