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Head Pupils




Hello my name is Charlie. 


I was so happy when I found out that I was Head Boy. As head boy I will be a role model for all the children in our school, especially the Reception Children, who we are buddies with. 

I have also been a super ambassador in Year Four, we learnt all about the rights of  the child and supported these rights to be known by all in our school. 

I have been in this school since I was in Nursery and love it because it is so fun and learning has always been exciting.

It feels like it has gone so quick and now I'm in Year Six. We have the best teacher Mr Shields and now we have our reception buddies, who we are helping settle into school. 

My favourite memory was when we went to Big Pit, it was great fun learning about mining in Wales.

I like playing football. And playing with my buddy at lunchtime. I am excited for my year as Head boy.

Hello my name is Bella,I was very happy when I found out I was Head Girl, I was shocked as I didn’t think that I was going to be voted as Head pupil. I was so nervous to speak in front of the whole school during my speech but was proud that I did this and that the teachers voted for me. 


I am also a Pet Pal, I love looking after the pets in our school. I have a few pets at home as well. I have a big passion for animals. 


I am thrilled to have the opportunity to help make the school an even more of a  brilliant place and I will try my best to be a great head girl.I have been at this school since I was in nursery. I have made so many good memories. I have had so many amazing teachers from TA’s to Head teachers and all teachers.


They have helped me though easy and tricky times and this role will allow me to say thank you for everyone's help.

Deputy Pupils 




Hello and Bora Da, my name is Mili.


I would like to take this opportunity to welcome everyone to the new school term

I have been at Pembroke since Reception and I love this school, so I want to put myself forward for the role of head girl.

Through my development at Pembroke I have been lucky enough to be part of the eco committee, digital leaders and mini police. These opportunities have given me the communication skills needed to listen to not only those who shout the loudest but to hear every voice in the school.

I would take this role with pride and you will find me motivated and kind. I believe I can give help where help is needed and encourage inclusion for all and shine as an example for the younger pupils.

I have an eye for detail and I am easily approachable if you ever need help or just want a chat you can find me on the playground.

As head girl you can expect me to not just be  year 6 think of me as a friend and someone you can rely on. I hope to be able to put a smile on peoples faces and I would be proud to be your head girl and represent you all and Pembroke School.


Thank you for reading. 

Hello my name is Tilly,       

When Mrs Wakley called my name to share that I was Deputy Head Girl, I was shocked!

I didn't think I was going to get deputy head girl or head girl, I was so pleased. 

Since I have been in Year Six, it has been so fun and I have an amazing teacher who is Mr Shields. I also really like having reception buddies and playing with them as well. I also have been at Pembroke Primary School since nursery. I am so glad that I am part of this school. When I was in reception I can remember playing in the sand pit and sitting on the carpet listening to stories. 

I am so proud of myself for getting Deputy Head Girl. My parents were really proud of me and I am looking forward to getting started at doing my Deputy Head Girl role and making sure that I am a role model to the rest of the school.

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