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Frindiau Gwaith 

In year six we are buddied up with the Reception pupils when they begin their journey at Pembroke. We all really enjoy this responsibility as we are helping the children to settle into the school. We wrote letters to introduce ourselves at the beginning of the school year and these were sent to their families also. We loved receiving drawings back from the children - these meant a lot. We read with the children - we allow the younger children to choose their own books and we help them recognise words and letters and talk about the images with them. We enjoy developing their numeracy skills, drawing number 2 in the sand took us back to our own learning in Reception. 

At lunchtimes we love that our buddies will often come to find us outside and we never mind helping in the dinner hall and supporting them with the many lunchtime clubs we have to offer. The reception pupils are always so pleased to see us inside and outside of school and we really enjoy being a year 6 buddy - Ffrindiau Gwaith. 

Written by Pupil Leaders. 

Raahi, Isobel, Freya, Jasmine. 

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