Our Aims and Policy for Learning 

 The school aims to create an environment based on tolerance, care and thought for others.  

We will encourage meaningful links with other schools and the community to foster the concept of citizenship and participation.  

 The school endeavours to create an atmosphere conducive to happy and effective learning and through this offers a curriculum incorporating the National Curriculum:  

  • that is matched to the individual needs of children; 

  • that encourages children to learn through direct experience and active participation; 

  • that encourages confidence and self respect, self discipline, tolerance and compassion; 

  • that encourages children to acquire relevant skills and knowledge;  

  • that encourages children to be adaptable to personal, social and technological changes;  

  • that encourages respect for religious and moral values;  

  • that encourages children to develop lively and inquiring minds.  The ethos of the school is such that the moral, spiritual, social and cultural development of pupils are covered by: 

    •  general school expectations on care for others by fund raising for those in need, visits from outside agencies and by constant reinforcement in the class and school situation on consideration, manners and care towards others;   

    • the school, with the help of Pembroke’s Parent, Teacher Association, attempts to provide a stimulating diet of cultural opportunities for children through theatre visits and speakers. 

    • The year’s topics often incorporate features to enhance the children’s social and cultural development. 


 The spiritual development of children is covered by Monmouthshire’s agreed syllabus and care is taken to ensure that the Christian perception of life is encouraged but that religious tolerance is addressed by other faiths being researched and discussed.

Our Aims

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