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Molly Mondays 08.03.21

Hi everyone I am back! I hope you all enjoyed your week.


Happy International Women's day today! I would like you all to research a famous women who stood up to men being superior to women including : J.K Rowling , Amelia Earhart, Emma Watson , Princess Diana and there are so many more but please just remember you're all equal to each other .

You can find Mrs Wakley's assembly on International Women's Day here:


World Book day was on Thursday as I thought I could recommend some books for the children in KS1 and KS2

KS1 :

1.Hairy Mclary from Donaldson's Dairy

I read this when I was little and loved and they have a series of the books now.

2. The tiger that came for tea was a book I read to myself so many times and still loved and recommended so much

3. The Fabio the flamingo detective series I read now because it is just if I start it I want to know what happens as it pulls me in

4. The author Roald Dahl has a great selection of books including; The twits , George's Marvellous Medicine and Esio trot .

5. Finally Quentin Blake has an amazing book called The Story of the Dancing Frog and it’s an amazing book to read

Now for KS2 I am going to recommend some authors who have lots of different books or even some series

  1. David Walliams

  2. Tom Fletcher

  3. J.k Rowling

  4. Vashti Hardy

  5. Matt Brown

Those are my book recommendations and hope you find a book to occupy you with an amazing story to tell.


Next week is Mother's Day and I am preparing my Mum for an amazing day and hope you all are prepared and keeping it as a surprise!

Now, this week I have a new challenge. I want you all to help me choose a theme for the next few weeks and give any suggestions in a comment below enjoy your week and thanks for reading!


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