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Molly Monday 22.2.21

Hi everyone I am back after half term! I hope you all had a great half term and did things that made you feel amazing and made you happy that you did them :) I am going to share with you you the main activity I did each day.



The activity I did on Monday was gem art. You are probably thinking "what is that Molly?" Well, it's a canvas paper with a sticky layer. It has a sheet of plastic that covers it, you get a pen with some wax to fill it with and coloured gems that you place on with the pen. It also includes a tray to hold the gems in that you shake a little to make the gems face the right way. I got gifted mine for Christmas from my amazing friend Kailtyn. I am doing it in sections and have almost finished the top row. You can get different designs and Kaitlyn kindly got me a Harry potter design as I love the movies and books.


On Tuesday I coloured this wooden door thing my Mum got me and I did a design of things I love I put Wicked (a musical) on there and Glee my favourite tv show, with a musical I want to see called Six it’s about Henry the 8th’s Six wives and finally I added my Harry Potter House: Gryffindor. Which house are you in?

Here's a link for a tips and tricks video for gem art:


On Wednesday I went for a run as planned (sadly we had no time for a bike ride) There is a photo of the route below. My legs have burned for the rest of the week but I enjoyed it a lot!


On Thursday I painted some CD discs to hang on my wall. I did some different designs including; a cow print in black, a pink version with a strawberry on it, a clear cherry and some others too. I really enjoyed this because it gave them a use as we didn't know what to do with them. I love to upcycle things!


On Friday I decided to get a hamster. She is going to be named Elphaba, a character from Wicked but I am not getting her for a week and can not wait to meet her. I'll be sure to post pictures of her once she is here!

Thanks for reading again and I am so happy to be doing my work again

Can’t wait to write again for you all next week!



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