Molly Monday 22.03.21

Hey everyone!

This week is our last week before Easter break so make sure to try your best and be the best you can be.


I have been looking for a hobby and I have found one called bullet-journaling! I am excited to start. I have put some ideas below.


Exciting News

At the start of March I found out some amazing news...

I got into Chepstow Comp / Secondary school and want to share my transition with you all.


Junior children have been back in school a week now and it's been great! The teachers like to have the school full of children. I hope you've all had a great time in school.



This week's challenge is to write down the alphabet A-Z and write something about lockdown for each letter (so maybe B could be bored is all I was in lockdown) Please leave a comment with your Lockdown Alphabet! I can't wait to read them.


Hope you all enjoyed reading

See you soon!

Molly :)

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