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Molly Monday 01.03.21

Hey everyone it’s Molly, I am back and today is

St David’s day!

Now, today is all about Wales so you could make a traditional Welsh dessert called a Welsh cake. There will be a recipe below but if you don't like them you could do something else like:

  1. Make an origami dragon or leek and daffodil

  2. You could make a regular cookie and decorate it in a Welsh theme

  3. You could teach your family some Welsh that you know

  4. Or even practice your Welsh and learn some more. If you learn something new, leave it in a comment below to teach us all too!

  5. You could even dress up as a dragon or a

Welsh person


Last week I told you all about my hamster but as they were so young they sadly passed away.

But at my local garden centre they were selling some so last Wednesday we went and reserved two and we got them on Friday! She is a Syrian hamster. She is so precious to me and her name is

Weasley. She enjoys running on her wheel in the night and going in her exercise ball.


I hope you are all doing well.

I’d love to see your Welsh activities so leave pictures in the comments.

See you all next week

Bye from Molly

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