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Busy, Busy, Busy

Dear Families,

We are coming to the end of what has been a year of two halves.

A very busy and successful autumn then spring term – which was cut short due to the serious onset of COVID19. All our school plans were thrown up in the air and we had to adapt quickly to continue to support you - our school children and families, whilst looking after ourselves, our own families and staying safe. It has been unchartered territory and I feel very privileged to have watched every member of our school community thrive in their own way in difficult circumstances. There has been tears and sadness when loved ones have been lost and joy when we hear of recovery. Everyone has a story to tell.

Our staff all learnt very quickly to adapt to delivering a programme of learning which was manageable and adaptable for families to use whilst the school building was closed. Staff have trained in many areas of online programmes (and continue to do so) to help support our children. They have also continued to update their own professional learning by joining many TEAMS meetings.

Our school site continued to be managed safely by Mr Chris – so that when the call to open to children came, we were ready and all health and safety precautions were in place.

School has continued – just in a very different way and one in which is hopefully not the new normal.

We want to see every child in school. These last 2 weeks it has been a joy to see 50% of the children in school – there is still laughter and chatter - it’s just a bit quieter than we like.

There are so many positives that we need to take away from this period of time.

School News

Home Learning: Once again, thank you for your support in continuing home-learning with the children. We know it isn’t easy but everything you do – whether big or small – has really helped during this time. Next week, all of the staff will be in every day either supporting the children in school or planning for autumn term. They will set fun activities for home and ask children to complete an ‘All about Me’ booklet for their next class teacher.

Bees / Honey: Again, thank you to the Co-op distribution Company at Avonmouth for the equipment donated so that we could have our own bee-hive. The bees have been busy … whilst we have been away from school the bees have thrived and produced LOTS and LOTS of honey. Mr. Giles (aided by Mrs. Roberts) then had the busy (and messy) task of pouring all this wonderful honey to jam jars. It looks and smells wonderful!

Sports Day: Thank you to Mrs. Wakley for organising our in school and virtual sports day / activities for the children. We look forward to seeing all the results come in.

End of Year reports: All children’s reports will be uploaded to Seesaw by the end of this week. If you would like a ‘hard copy’, please message the class teacher to arrange collection from the office on a pre-arranged day and time.

End of Year Awards: It is important that we recognise and celebrate the school year and achievements of each child – so in lieu of our class assemblies to teachers are busy writing end of year certificates. These will either be handed to your child or put on to Seesaw.

Year 6: Thank you for those of you who have helped us organise for Year 6 to attend school on Friday the 17th July for an end of year and end of Pembroke Primary school send off. We are really excited that we can mark this with an outside event – hopefully music, games, signing of shirts, presentations and ‘chips’!

Transition and virtual Move-up: Due to the current situation, we have been unable to carry out our ‘normal’ transition and move up sessions. Instead the next class teacher has prepared a ‘Get to know Year ...‘ presentation and will share this with the class on Seesaw. This has also been carried out for our new to Reception and Nursery children. There is also a dedicated transition section for nursery and reception on our school website.

As always, if you have any queries / questions, please telephone the school.

The classes for September 2020 are:


Teachers: Mrs. Carpenter, Miss. Williams, Mrs. Tyson,

The ALC support Team are: Mrs. Slade; Mrs. Mackie; Mr. Sibley; Miss. Nock; Mrs. Stait; Mrs. Bennett;

Mrs. Yendle

Foundation Phase:

Dosbarth Wentwood (Nursery): Mrs. Williams

Dosbarth Blorenge (Reception): Miss. Tonks

Dosbarth Sugarloaf (Year 1): Mrs. Rees

Dosbarth Pen-y Fan (Year 2): Mrs. Stephens

The Foundation Phase support team are: Miss Kent; Miss Paterson; Mrs. Wooster; Mrs. Greening;

Mrs. Hughes.

Key Stage Two

Dosbarth Plynlimon (Year 3): Miss. Morris

Dosbarth Great Orme (Year 4): Job share: Mrs. Mellens (3 days) and Mrs. Knight (2 days)

Dosbarth Cadair Idris (Year 5): Mr. Giles

Dosbarth Snowdon (Year 6): Mrs. Wilson

The Key Stage Two support team are: Mrs. Roberts; Miss Dawe; Miss Wilson; Mrs. Saunders; Mrs. Cawley;

Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Roberts and Mrs. Wakley will support FP and KS2 for PPA release time for Teachers.

Children’s Books: Once again, we will send nearly all of the children’s books home to you if your child is in school on their last day with us. However, some books will be passed up to the new teacher and there will be certain sets of books we need to keep. If this involves your child the class teacher will inform you.

If your child IS NOT currently in school, and you would like to collect your child’s books before the end of term they will be available Wednesday 15th July, 12.30 – 1.30 pm from the school office. If you are unable to collect on this day we will keep your child’s book until Friday 4th September.

Lunch Money

There is still outstanding monies from some families from March – this is disappointing. As the end of term is fast approaching, we need this money paid URGENTLY.

Staff News

We welcomed back Miss. Dawe and Mrs. Mellens from maternity leave this month and they have settled straight back in to supporting the children – it is like they have never been away and a pleasure to see them return.

Miss. Morris will join the school team full-time and for the full year in Year 3, to ensure continuity for the children on a one year’s temporary contract.

We will say ‘Goodbye’ to Mrs. Edmunds at the end of this term, although we are hoping she may ‘pop’ back in from time to time. I know she will miss everyone here, as we will miss her.

Communication: We will continue to use Seesaw as our main way of communicating with you at a whole school level and via teacher comments on learning. This has been invaluable during this period of school closure and a worthwhile investment as a school learning tool. However, please DO NOT USE Seesaw for communicating with Teachers about concerns or queries about school – it is not a form of messenger. Unfortunately there have been a few messages sent at weekends, early in the morning and late at night which teachers are picking up and have a negative impact on their well-being. Seesaw is ONLY for school hours and for learning communication. If comments continue to be made in a negative way we will have to turn ‘comments’ off. Please, now that we are back in school, pick up the phone and talk to us directly.

The school website has lots of information too – This is continually be updated – thank you to Miss Wilson for organising this. It is not yet the finished site but is still very informative – look out for the Wellbeing and Transition Sections.

We also use Twitter and Facebook for sharing information.

Further information:

School Uniform

If you require any school uniform then please order your school uniform on the link below:

Free School Meals

The link to information about applying for FSM is shown below:

Any parent wishing to make a claim for free school meals, please use the online form below:

Alternatively, there is a Freephone new claims service on 033 456 3559, enabling applications to be made by telephone. This application must be completed BEFORE the new term starts in September.

Autumn Term

Unfortunately, today, we do not know what the autumn term will look like and are therefore unable to give you any indication for our return in September. This is frustrating for all of us. As soon as we know and are able to plan, we will inform you.

We are hoping Welsh Government announce this VERY SOON. However, school will definitely be closed to children on Tuesday 1st September to prepare for the school year - in whatever form this may take.

As always, a huge thank you to you all for your continued support and the many messages of support (and biscuits and gifts) we have had during this uncertain time.

Best wishes , Helen - Head teacher on behalf of the Pembroke Team

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